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About Satin Films Inc.

Founded in 2017, Satin Films Inc. is the brainchild of Gaurav Kalia and his wife, Preet. With over 11 years of experience in the field, Gaurav embarked on this journey after spending nearly seven years in a studio, driven by his deep-rooted passion for photography and videography.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to exceeding our clients' expectations. With a core team of two and the support of four talented freelancers who collaborate seamlessly with us, we can provide a comprehensive service. Our approach extends beyond the ordinary, incorporating elements of a wedding videographer and cinematographer, elevating your wedding memories to cinematic perfection. We are here to craft visual narratives that tell your unique love story, and we look forward to being part of your beautiful journey.

Mission Statement

At Satin Films Inc., our mission is to beautifully capture and preserve every emotion that defines a couple's most significant day. A wedding is more than an event; it's a journey filled with love, joy, and heartfelt connections. Our role is to be the storytellers, ensuring every smile, every tear, and every moment is immortalized with artistic finesse.

Gaurav Kalia


I'm Gaurav Kalia, a dedicated photographer and cinematographer, and I'm here to share my passion for capturing life's most precious moments. With 11 years of experience in the field, I've learned that every frame tells a unique story. Meeting new people and traveling the world have shaped my perspective and enriched my work. I look forward to capturing your special moments with authenticity and heart, making your story come to life through my lens. Welcome to my world of photography and cinematography, where every click of the shutter is a celebration of life, love, and human connections.

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Satin Films Inc. offers wedding photography & videography services and more across the Globe.